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On placing an order in the Artonella OÜ webstore Uneleja, the buyer enters into a buyer-seller relationship and as a consequence gives Artonella the personal data necessary to complete the transaction and gives Artonella permission to use this personal data as follows:

Artonella OÜ will register the personal data in its register of customers.  The data will be used to provide sales services and to offer products to the buyer.  The registered personal data of the buyer consists of family name, first name, street, house number, apartment number, municipality, postal/ZIP code, telephone number, means of transport and method of payment.

The buyer has the right to view personal data in the register, to change or delete it.

The buyer gives Artonella OÜ the right to send the order confirmation to the buyer’s e-mail.

In addition: Artonella OÜ is the chief processor of personal data and in case you make a purchase via a bank link or credit card, the authorized processor forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to Maksekeskus AS.

Personal data which is necessary for sending the goods to the buyer may be given to the courier who is delivering the goods.

Artonella OÜ will not give personal data to any other persons, except for persons with the legal responsibility or right to receive them.

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