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Gift set for sauna II (with bear fat soap)


Sauna set with bear fat soap – for the best man for the best sauna. Produced under the Ruth Terras brand.

The truly masculine bear fat soap is made from natural brown bear fat and spruce resin. Fat is obtained from bears hunted in Estonia, and spruce resin is collected by hand from spruce trees that have secreted it due to injuries. Bear fat  soaps are made according to a technology or recipe that is about 100 years old. Soapstone and table salt are also used to make soap. Soap is made according to a specific moon phase.

Why bear fat soap?

It has been known for a long time that bear fat has a healing effect. Also, spruce resin was an ingredient in many salves in ancient times. Reviving the wisdom of the ancient people, soap made from bear fat has become a highly valued product.


Bear fat soap is primarily intended for use in the sauna, but it is also suitable for use anywhere where soap is used.

The set includes:

approx. 110g bar of bear fat soap. All soaps come in different sizes, shapes and weights.
3x10ml essential oil or a mixture of essential oils. This kit contains the following essential oils: Eucalyptus, 2.48 a.m. (lemongrass, ginger, mint, eucalyptus), 6.07 a.m. (spruce and orange).
Black gift box.

NB! Do not use essential oils undiluted. Keep oils out of the reach of children. Do not consume internally. Pregnant women and young children can use essential oils with extreme caution. Do not leave essential oils out of the reach of children.
Based on the principle, less is more.

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